Woehooeeo, I’m doing a blog post in English for all our english readers!

Okey, maybe you didn’t know it already but we (chamafashion) have our first video ever, i will link it here. We’re showing you guys how you can make a body scrub with ingredients that you probaly already have in your kitchen!

Today we will show you guys another DIY! So, read on for our second DIY/TUTORIAL/VIDEO!

Watch in HD!

The tutorial is in DUTCH. But for all the english readers we have the written explanation down here.

What do you need to make this amazing face mask:

– A bowl
– a small tray
– A knife
– a spoon
– a plate to cut your ingredients
– a fork
– creamed coconut
–  1/2 lemon
– a avocado
– honey
– 1/4 cucumber
– I don’t know how you call it but WE call it the MASHING MACHINE hihi 🙂

Cut the avocado in half and put al of the avocado pulp into the big bowl and mash it.
Next cut the 1/4 cucumber in small pieces so you can mash them to. Put it also in to the big bowl and mash it.
When you did that, we’re going to put 1 1/2 table spoon of honey into the mixture.
Next pick your coconut cream and melt half of the package and put it into the bowl.
Mash it all together.
Squeeze out the lemon. And duhh put it in there to 😛

Now pick your mashing machine en mix and mash every thing together so its a nice creamed but not a watery  structure.

Finally you’re done! 

WARNING: Keep the face mask up to 2 weeks in the fritch. If you don’t, it’s not gonna be a nice face mask anymore haha!