We ♥ tags! Deze tag is verzonnen door Macbarbie07 van Youtube. Maar Manon en ik wilden hem gewoon op ons blog doen! Hierbij dames, wij taggen jullie allemaal! Dus doe mee!

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For all our English readers
We ♥ tags! This tag  was invented by Macbarbie07, she is a beauty guru on Youtube. But we Chama wanted to do this tag on our blog. So ladies, we tag everyone! So join this amazing tag!
For the question and our answers click on lees meer (that means: read on)!

Summer Besties TAG:
Favorite summer….
1) Lip product
2) Blush
3) Nail Polish
4) Liquid face product
5) Powder face product
6) Hair product
7) Eye product
8) Self Tanner (or any tanning item)
9) Fashion accessory
10) Clothing piece

1) My favourite lip product is gosh lipgloss number 84
2) Blush, I like my MNY blush number 301
3) I love Maybelinne forever strong in Mellow Mauve 220
4) My bourjois healthy mix serum foundation is my favourite!
5) Powder face product: Catrice Mineral powder
6) My favourite hair product is the Redken Bodyfull shampoo
7) In the summer I use maybelinne collasol mascara
8) Sometimes I use self tanning wipes for the lighter skin
9) My salamander ring from Primark is the best
10) My red pant from the Zara is for sure my favourite! Or maybe my jeans playsuit from Primark, I can’t choose ;p


xoxo Manon