Yes, the natural way. That’s how we like it!  I don’t like the extreem dramatic make up. Only for parties but for work or school we like keep it simple! Lauren Conrad is famous for that. Her make up is always super natural but beautiful! Sometimes Miss Conrad has a dramatic make up look but most of the time it’s simple. Let’s go ahead and  re-create this look with our own stuff! Read on for the HOW TO ♥

The pictures I’m going to use:

On all the pictures she has the dramatic widged eyeliner but on the first pic she has no lip color, just a nude lip!

Product we’re going to use:





STEP 1: start of with a clean face. Pick your favorite Tinted Moisturizer or light weight foundation. Apply it with your fingers or a stippling brush for a even application. Powder it of with your favorite setting powder.

STEP 2: Let’s move on to the eyes. LC always has a widged eyeliner but never eyeschadow. Make a beautiful wing en drag it down on your lower lashline also. But not to far only to the 2/4 of your lowerline. Now the mascara. LC has nice thick lashes. Use a thicking but also lengthing mascara. Bottom and lower lashes. 

STEP 3: now the cheeks. You can use a lip/cheek stain or creme blend blush. Skip a powder blush because it’s needs to look super super natural. Blend it in very well so you don’t see any stripes. 

STEP 4: Use a lip stain because it needs to look like your own lips. Or you can use a tinted lip conditioner from MAC! 

Okey, now you are done! 

Leave a comment so we know what you think about this look! 

XO Charesa ♥