I think everybody loves the season of the sun and the beach. The nice warm weather, new beauty hair and fashion trends! I’ve picked a few must – have fashion items for you! Curious? Read on ♥   

We all know that pastel colors are hot this season. Pastel clothes, pastel hair accessories, pastel make up and of course pastel nailpolishes! You can find that  colour everywhere! So lets start of with the clothes. I love blazers and I love pastel. And guess what! H&M has a superrrrrrrrrrrr prettyyyyyyyyyy pastel blazer actually I felt in love with it and i love to wear it.

Chino pants are amazing! The fit really well and the are pretty. You have them in a lot of colours so you can combinate them how ever you want. I have them in navy blue and olive green. I also want the neautral pastel one but it was sold out 😦 But back to the subject. You can style them with everything. With croptops, blazers etc.

Jean shorts.Yeah, we all know them. At the H&M you have a bunch of types. From dark blue to very very light blue. actually, i need to buy another pair of them but i forgot that everytime! LOL ♥ 


Okey, now we have the outfit but where are the shoes? I love wedges and flats. Because these two are the most  comfortable to walk up in the summer and they are prettyyy ♥  These are my favorites of all.

For accessories are feather earings totally HOT! I bought mine at H&M and i’m obsessed with them! Ive dark brown hair and this earings are brown so the mix and match my hair LOL.


Also long and turquoise rings are so lovely! They fit with everything. I have a couple of rings like that and I wear them all the time ♥ These are my favorites:

I think nailpolishes are a fashion item to. They can make your outfit even more prettier and it makes your oufit complete! I think mint or turquoise are super hot and in this season. These are my absolutely my favorite! ♥

Hoped you enjoyed and stay tuned for Favorite Beauty Items Summer ♥
I had a very fun and nice time while taking these photos! I love making photos and i hope you guys like these post as I do! ♥

Lots of love,

charesa ♥