I love these season sooooooo much! I think everybody loves summer. Why would anyone do not like?! But my favorite part is: GO ON VACATION. Yes guys, i love traveling. I have gone to distant lands. Like Mauritius, Dubai, Turkey,Tunisia, Suriname and some countreys in Europe. If you can see my parents love traveling! Oeh, i’ve got a idea. Maybe I will post a few pictures from my vacation in Mauritius. That would be so much fun! But back to the subject. When you go on vacation you need to pack! Yes, pack. Sometimes you have a love/hate reationship with you suitcase. I need to say. I love love love packing my suitecase. I don’t know but i think its fun. Because when you go on a beach vacation you always think: Yes, I can wear my sun dress there, oh and my new skirt! I love that feeling. I go to a beach vacation this year and I’m going to show you how I pack my case! 

TIP: Do not pack a lot of warm clothes. When you do that to much, you’re gonna over pack. 
Beach vacation 5 a 7 days. 

Beauty Tools:
– your make up bag. Don’t pack to much.
– lip balm
– suncreen (face & body)
– hair mask (when you went swimming your hair is really dry so a mask will help)
– shampoo etc.

– shorts (jean shorts etc)
– 4 a 5 tanktops or short sleeves shirts)
– 2 a 3 bathing suits
– maxidresses
– one pair of jeans
– blazer ( no jacket, first: thats to warm second: it will make your suitecase overfull)
– cardigan
– tunic
– 2 skirts
– blouses ( to put over your bathing suite)

– pair of flipflops
– i’m going to take my lovely birkenstocks!
– a evening sandal (for dinner)
– a pair of daytime sandals
– allstars

– sunglasses ( I will take  a few with me)
– big hats ( love the floppy ones)
– cute rings and father earings

These are my thoughts of it. Of course you can do it different, this is just my way, how i do it! I hope you found it help full. I wish all of you the BEST BEST AMAZINGS SUMMER everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Thanks to Lauren Conrad Style. 

XO charesa