I love traveling. And of course I love the sun, the sea and the beach . I went to the beautiful island Mauritius. Mauritius is located next to the island of Madagascar. It was so amazing to be there. I had a awesome time with my family.  I Just wanted to let you guys see a few pictures  that I‘ve made ​​there. Hope you enjoy! 

a view from the hotelroom. If you can see the ocean and the beach where maybe a couple of meters in front us. A lot of palmtrees what i really like! 

♥ look how clear the water is! We made this picture when we were in the city. We were just walking down to a fisherplace. You could walk along the water where all boats were so we did. 

♥ We had a beach near our hotel. This is a view how it looked. Super cute umbrellas made ​​of wood and thatch. It was so relaxing hanging on that beach. 

around the island Mauritius, are all small uninhabited islands. Way to uninhabited island Garbiel we came accros got this huge rock at the middle of the ocean. It was sooooooooooooooooooo big and sooooooooooo pretty! If you can see the water is still clear. 

♥ look! Dolphins. Our captain said we would see dolphins just maybe. We were not even half of our trip and we saw these dolphins swimming towards us. They were jumping and swam for a while with us. 

♥ Another pic of the dolphins. 

After a trip on the ocean, we finally came on the uninhabited Island: Gabriel. It was so pretty. On the beach were all corals and of course we caught a few

 Look at that beautiful water! It is so bright and clear that it looks like you can drink it. But you can’t ofcourse LOL

♥ My fave pic of all. Just walking on the amazing beach of a uninhabited island. 

I hope you guys liked it! I did. When i see all these old pics again, it makes me almost cry! LOL. I miss this beautiful island and I promise Mauritius, I will visted you very very soon. – Charesa ♥