I thinks every girl loves or likes lc style! Of course I do. She is very pretty and has a nice girlie clothing style. Lauren has its own book called STYLE (of course you knew that already). In the book you see her taste in clothes and fashion sense. Her style is described as: a perfect combination of classic and uptothegirl movement trendsetter. I think it’s the perfect description! Kate White says: We just love her timeless California Look. And of course I agree it too, mainly because she always looks so summery! (if that makes sense LOL)

I’m using this picture because it super simple and it’s perfect for summer! You can throw dis over your bathing suite and youre ready to go! Oh and I didn’t find a look a like of the bag because I didn’t knew what the bag looks like complete.

I think it looks very similar. The RayBan sunglasses are the same as she has on! 

Hope you liked it! – Charesa ♥