I love The Hills. And I think I love LC the most. But I like Audrina too! She has amazing white teeth, beautiful hair, nice makeup and of course: A Nice Style 🙂 I can’t describe here clothing style because it’s every day different. But if I need need to describe it I say: casual moter-chick california girl but also chique. Wow, that’s a long sentence. Look at these wonderfull pics of AP that describe her style perfectly.

♥ Audrina looks so pretty on this pic! She looks happy and healthy. This is a perfect outfit for summer. The floral print skirt and the tucked in tank-top are a perfect match!

♥ Now we can see the girlie side of her. Her coral dress looks pretty on her sunkissed/tanned skin. She paired it off with a nice white clutch and some bracelets. Typical california girl 🙂

♥ I love this one! This is so typical ‘Cali Girl’. A nice outfit for a shopping day. A oversized sweater, black skinny jeans and some black flip plops. 

♥ Audrina shows the summer. A nice floral print romper and nude pumps. Perfect! 

♥ In this photo she is defentily ‘the motor-chick’. Love it! 

♥ Again, motor-chick. Big bag, ripped jeans, leather jacket and ofcourse leather boots. 

♥ Nice casual outfit. Perfect for the beach, shop day etc. The braid gives it a more bohemian feeling to it. 

♥ This is a mix betweem motor-chick and girlie-casual. This is one of my favs! Because its simple but still cute.