♥ When I google for fashion pics, i get so so so inspired by these girls! They have such an amazing style. I love love it so much! These are all different girls, with acutally the same style. I thinks you need to call these girls: Fashion Icons. 

All these girls have that tough look all these girls above have that tough motor-chick feeling. I think they have the outfits perfectly combined. I love these style and it is defenitly my style. Let‘s be honest, the jewelry, the hair, the shoes and the bag, fit perfectly with the outfit. I think these girls have an amazing clothing – taste if we talk about fashion.

♥ These outfits are amazing, casual, comfortable but still cute to wear. And of course are these perfect for summer! Look at the jeans shorts, which they styled of with a blazer, crop top, sweaters and blouses. And one of the girls had a floral printed dress with a denim blouse and a lot of jewerly. That outfit was so much fun and very bohemian. So, perfect for summer. I hope you all are inspired by these “fashion icons”. -XO charesa