All these years, many makeup rules have been added. Such as: Never use blue eyeliner under your eyes IF you have blue eyes, never use too much eyeliner, it’s not pretty and makes your eyes smaller, do not use a eyeshaduw that match your clothes and a lot more. I googled for: Makeup rules and it shocked me. So many rules, Should you really use those? I dont think so. Read on for my answer. 

let’s start with the stupidest rule of all. Do not use blush That is more than two tones darker than your natural color face. Look how stupid. I mean, if you like a blush that two tones darker than your natural color and it looks good on you, why not use it?!  Oh, here is anther stupid one: shade shade and again shade. You should look natural. Nothing should be sharp or edgy.  I am totally opposed to this. Why you should do that? If a sharp line looks good on you why not wear it like that ? And what if you dont like a natural eye but you like a smokey eye more..

I really think that makeup is there to inhanse your natural beauty. If your eyes look prettier with a eyeliner all around your eye , why is that wrong? If that makeup trick makes your eyes pop more, than that inhanse your natural beauty. So, i hate those makeup rules! And what if you have a light skin tone but a very dark blush looks soo pretty on you but that stupid makeup rule  says that you better not wear it because its gonna look awful. I think you  can decide yourself if that kind of makeup looks  right or wrong on you. 

So, I hate them and i never gonna listen to them. YOU are the only person who can decide if that kind of makeup looks good on you. BUT there are also rules as: moisture your lips often, that helps. I think these are more FACTS. Not rules. Rules tell you what to do and if it looks right or wrong on you. Facts give you information etc. So, i never gonna listen to these stupid rules that telling you what to do. This was only my view on some Makeup Rules. – XO Charesa