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1) Favorite color
I love turquise. 

2) Favorite pet
I love dogs and hamsters 🙂

3) Favorite song

I dont have one, but i love right here from nicole scherzinger 

4) Favorite parfum

Good one 🙂 I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rebl’fleur from Rihanna. It smells like summer, flowers and girlie stuff. love love it. 

5) Something that really fits your personality and that your always wearing

I love love love rings. I have a lot of rings and it fit my  personality perfectly! And my love for blazers. I have ton of them so yeah. 

6) Your passion 
Working for CHAMAFASHION ofcoursee! 

7) Gifts: Give them or get them
Both. But i think give them is so much funnier! I love making people happy 🙂

8) Last eyeshadow you’ve used
My elf pallete butternut.  

9) Favorite day of the week
I love all of the days. I actually dont care. 🙂

10) Nailpolish you’re wearing at the moment

I tag all of you – XO charesa