I love these season sooooooo much! I think everybody loves summer. Why would anyone do not like?! But my favorite part is: GO ON VACATION. Yes guys, i love traveling. I’m going on a beach vacation and i allready showed you How To Pack for Vacation but now i’m showing you how to pack your makeup bag! And I’m really exited for this 🙂 So, lets begin.

Face Products:
– Ofcourse a GOOD sunscreen. I use a SPF 50.
– Tinted Moisturizer (if you use that). I prefer a TM because it feels much lighter on your skin and you dont need a day cream.

– Bronzer with shimmer because that looks so stunning on your tanned skin plus if you are in the sun.
– I love blush, so i’m going to take a blush with me. A nice pink blush.

– Waterproof mascara. That is so handy if you go in the water. You mascara is not gonna drip of your face.
– Maybe a cream color base. I prefer goldon one. Put that over your lid and youre done with your eye make up! Or a shadow quad. 

– ofcourse lipbalm! I like one with a SPF in it.
– a lipgloss. If you go out for dinner, than is a nice gloss on your lips perfect!

You dont have to, but i really want my nails to have a nice color on them. I like:
– turqouise
– Coral

Beauty Tools:
– Eyelash curler
– Makeup Brushes

These are my thoughts of it. Of course you can do it different, this is just my way, how i do it! I hope you found it help full. I wish all of you the BEST BEST AMAZINGS SUMMER everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! – XO charesa