I’m allready tanned, but if you are not tanned at all of you want the be MORE tanned follow these super amazing handy tips! hihi ♥

How to get tanned with tanning products

♥ There are a lots of tanning products. Choose one thats close to your skin tone. If you have darker skin but you want more of a glow pick one thats close to your natural skin color.

♥ First scrub your skin with a nice gentle body scrub. To learn how you can make it yourself click here. Okey, A lot of people ask: “Why do I need to scrub my skin before i’m going to use tanning lotions?”. Because otherwise your dead skin cells are getting that tan. You want that your real skin gets that beautiful glow. So when you scrub the dead cells away, your tan stays longer! 
♥ Very imporant step! Shave your legs. You don’t want hairy legs. You want smooth, silky feeling skin. And if you have stubble you  get self tan spots what you don’t want. It needs to look super super natural! 

♥ When you are done with al these steps  you will start with self tanning!

How to get tanned with makeup products

♥ You can use a liquid bronzing powder. You can use this on your face and body.

♥ Or use bronzing powder! Like these

-XO Charesa