This girl is so beautiful! And of course, she has an amazing style. Not only her makeup is always perfect but her clothing taste is in one word: awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Okey, my finger didnt wanted to came of the letter E. LOL that  was very very random but back to the subject.

Kenza is from Sweden and was bron on 21 april 1991. You can tell that she is not that old. This girl is also fulltime model for Elite Model  Management. Kenza won a lot of Blog Awards. She is really famous in Sweden and she has her own TV Show called: The Kenza and Tyra show. She post everyday and thats why i love her so much! She blogs about her life, parties, friends, jobs, fashion, photography, travel and her dog. And the way how she write her blog post is so funny! You can tell she has a lot of humor 🙂

I really like her clothing style. Its different everyday. In my opinion it is bohemian rocker but also girly. Check out her blog! – XO Charesa