This look is perfect for summer and super easy! You might practice but when you have mastered it is very simple! This look is perfect when you are in a hurry. You only need a couple of colors. Lets go on the the How To because i will keep ramble LOL. 

1: Apply a gold color on your moving eyelid with a large fluff brush. (Like a 227 from MAC) 
2: Apply a darker golden bronze color into your crease. And blend it in with a fluffy blending brush.
3: Apply the first color that we used under your lower lash line. Start from the inner corner but stop on the lower half of your lash line. 
4: Then pick your second color and put that on the other half.
5 : Highlight! Put some highlight under your brownbone and into your inner corner.
Last Step: Apply mascara and if you want liner. 

Look how easy it was! This look is perfect for the beach. 

Apply a bronzer on your cheeks and if you want a highlighter.

Use just a clear gloss or a tinted lipbalm.