I love love disney princesses, and i found some real ones! Look basically the same ♥ Enjoy and put in the comments who you think looks the best. I think Pocahontas looks sooo real! Look at the Disney Movies picuture and the real picture. The eyebrows, the eyes, the lashes , the lips, the hair, the outfit EVERYTHING looks the same haha 
♔ Pocahontas in Disney Movies
♔ The Real Pocahontas + a Drawing
♔ Rapunzel in Disney Movies
♔ A beautiful realistic looking drawing + The Real Rapunzel
♔  Belle in Disney Movies
♔ The Real Belle
♔ The Real Snow White
 ♔ The Disney Movies Snow White
♔ The Mulan in Disney Movies
♔ The Real Mulan
♔ The Real Princess Yasmin
♔ The Disney Version
 ♔ Now my alltime fav! Ariana Grande as Ariel. OMG they match perfect! The nose, the lips, the big big eyes and ofcourse the fire red hair! How Gorg ♥
♔ Ariana as Ariel
 ♔ AWWWW my other fav! RiRi as Princess Tiana. Perfect Match.