Yups, school started and that means: get up early, doing homework and all that stuff! But it also means: FALL AND WINTERS IS COMING and that means: NEW HAIR AND BEAUTY TRENDS! Yay 🙂 I have 3 makeup tutorials for you and ofcourse they are perfect for school. Lets begin.

Go for a natural look. You dont wanna look like a clown on your first day! Work with soft colors like brown, or a champanes. 
Megan says: I feel really confident when my skin is clear. And i think its true. Use a tinted m or a foundation to even out your skin tone.
Go for a natural colored blush and use a color that suites your skin tone.
For lips i will go for a balm or lipgloss. Dont use reds or very hard colors, you need to touch it up very often and when it goes wrong you will see the mistake!