♥ Apply frst a bace color on your nails. That is the color that shows off the most. I chose a bright hot pink! Why.? I just love pink hahaha and it looks fun and cute. But you can use any color that you want. I think white black and hot pink are the prettiest combinations. 
 ♥ Now choose a second color that you (really?) like. I chose red because it looks prettyyyy! Now start dotting the color on to the nail. And PLEASE dont make it perfect! Did you ever seen a straight banana? No right! A cheetah is also not perfect. So dot with your brush some random dots. I recommend to NOT use a bobbypin or dotting tool.  
♥ Now make some messy oneven circles around the red dots. Also add some more random once. Try not to circle the red dot, leave some spaces open. And now you are done! Hope you enjoyed it ! – XO Charesaa