These jackets are so hot in the autumn. So many people have a parka.. I haven’t a parka, but I like it!


You saw these last year, but they’re still trendy. The tube shawls are nice to combine with an oversized sweater or with a blazer.


Oversized sweaters, sooo comfortable. I really really like these. With a skinny jeans they look so cute ♥


This autumn you see a lot leather. Leather pants, shorts, skirts ect. I think it looks cool but I don’t know if it stands me..


Faux fur, you like it or you hate it.. I like it.. Because it’s fluffy and soft. I like everything that’s fluffy or soft. ♥


Yesss, you see the biker boots this year again. I’ve got a pair of biker boots and wear them a lot. Under a skinny jeans they look pretty and they walk good.

Really autumn colours are: mustard yellow, army green, bordeaux and camel.

xoxo ♥