♥ This eye look is so hot for a party, a special event even for a presentation!  But the smoky eye is not that simple! The key to a perfect smoky eye is to blend blend blend. A matte black is really hard to blend. So take a shimmery version. Black is always a difficult color to work with. First because his color is very pigmented. Second, when you have fall- out is even harder to get it away from your face. 

♥ Step 1: Prime your eyes with a primer. A good one is MAC paintpots. Apply a grey lid (2, 3) color with a flat eyeshadow brush  (1) onto your whole lid. Try not to go into the crease or far into the inner corner.   The color doesn’t have to be shimmery, choose what you like. 

♥ Step 2:  Now ad a darker grey in your crease. Blend it really really well. Like I said: ‘The key to a perfect smoky eye is to blend blend blend.’  For a more dramatic look continue adding more of that darker grey. Dont over do it. And of coruse use a good blending brush! (i recomend the mac ones) 

♥ Step 3: Now ad a carbon black. Shimmery one works better!  Start blending this higher than where you blend that darker grey color. Blend it on your eyebrown bone. And start working it up. Not to far but you know what I mean 🙂 

♥ Step 4: Put a inner corner high light, brown bone highlight and at mascara and liner! Now you are done!