You just a busy day , you worked on your office etc but then you realize that you had planned a date for that day! Oh no what now … I have some tips on how to look fresh and lovely for your special appointment! (in less than 10 minutes!)
1) go to a nearest toilet to touch up your makeup. Start with the face. If you have worked the whole day your makeup maybe has been smuched. Or disapeard. If you have a makeup wipe with you than you can clean your face BUT you dont have to. A simpler way is to do it over. Use a msf or a tiny tiny but of foundation and apply it. You may have some older foundation on so dont over do it. Powder it of and your clean base is done. (2 min)
2) now lets move on to the eyemakeup. Highlight your inner corner, add more eyeliner and some extra mascara and you’ re done with the eyes! (2 min)
3) blush time! Because its a special night you can add some more blush than you normally do. Please ladies, dont over do, because than you will look like a clown. and of courr highlight your cheekbone for a glamourous glow.( 1 min)
4) for hair just comb it out or make a chique ponytail or top knot. And than your are done! (3min)

TIP: use dry shampoo if your hair feels greasy

TIP: take a gum or some peppermint before you leaveto have a nice fresh feeling in your mounth.TIP: spray parfume to smell nice and clean.

Now you can enjoy your date! – xo charesa