Hello lovely bloggerworld, today I`m just relaxing and playing on my iPad 2. Im totally in love with this thing. But later about that. First I want to tell you guys that youre amazing. ChamaFashion was nothing without you, our lovely and beautiful readers! For most of our readers its vacation!! Its Fall Vacation and Im so happy cuz school is a lot of work and now its time to relax. Because school has started and we all have it super hectic and busy I have some fallish themed (< if those are words lol) tips to get totally ready and freshed up for Fall 2011! Hope you enjoyed! – XO Charesa

First: Fresh up your wardorobe! This tip seems a bit silly, but he whats more relaxing and entertaiment at the same than shopping? Of course, NOTHING hahaha. Go and shop for some cool and trendy fall pieces, it makes you happy and you will look like a totally fashionista :D.

Second: Fresh up your makeup! On a lazy sunday just sit down and pull out your stash and throw old things away. You do something useless and relaxing at the same time 🙂

Third: Go to a book-store and buy some really good books and magazines. If you are done with your home work, cuddle on the chouch with a warm cup of the and relax. Reading is not only good for your brains but its also give you some rest.

Fourth: Make over time!!! Make over your room! This is may a very big thing to do, but it so fun to do! Start designing your room and make the design come true! I`m gonna do this. I maybe will do a short photo room tour when its done ok?

Fifth: Download (or buy) some good movies or series (like Gossip Girl), cuddle in your bed and started watching them! I lovee lovee to do this 😀 With some popcorn, tee and a warm blanket you re good to go!

Last but not least: BLOG! My fav thing is to blog. I love loveeloveelovee to do that. Its not only my hobby but my biggest pasion! So if you are bored make a blog or write on your blog! I know your readers gonna love it 😀