I downloaded this this super cool app for only $3,99 🙂 It called: Glamzy Pad Pro and its amaaaaaaaaazzzzingggg! The concept is just that you can makeup your chart. You can choose out two brands: MAC or Makeup For Ever. You have all the colors you can imange. Like MACs Carbon or MACs All That Glitters. You also have the option to do the model her foundation etc. Its really cool if you want to try out looks. This is my first one (you may will laugh but I think it turned out pretty well: for a beginner lol) Hope you enjoyed it! – XO Chares ps. They also have a free version on the App Store. But you cant do full face makeup..

It is a Fall\Autum makeup look. I choose for the crease MACs Blackberry. Its perfect for fall. It just a dark plum rasberry color. On the lid the model has on: MACs All That Glitters with some other colors over it. Please see this not as a yellow color, but as a gold! If you wanna try this look use e nice gold for the lid. For eyeliner I used a eyeshadow from MAC called Carbon. Its the blackest black. Now for the lips I used a color but forgot the name of it! There were so many lip colors, that I choosed a random one lol. I you wanna now the name of the lipstick I used please comment below.