I literally felt in love when I saw this amazing picture from The Gucci Fall 2011 Runway Show. This makeup was luxurious but also very wearable for daily makeup. The spider wispy lashes and bold red lips were created by the makep artist: Pat McGrath.

How To:

Spider Lashes: Pull out your blackest black mascara from your stash. I prefer to use a mascara that will give you volume! And don`t worry if you get clumps, how more clumps how better. So the Snooki way: less is less, more is more. So how more HOW better. To reacreate this look, apply coats and coats of thickening black mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Bat the brush into the lashes, explains McGrath, which helps build volume. To finish it off: apply some mascara on the tips.

Bold Red Lips: Start lining your lips and fill them in with your red (dark) lip liner. We want that the center of the lips are lighter so it will give you a much brighter effect. Apply your red lipstick. Use a brighter red and ad it to the center. And a little bit of gloss for the finishint touch 🙂 – XO Charesa