Smoked Out Bronzed: A Tutorial

I keep saying this but Im loveeeeee loveee fall! I love cuddeling on the couch, drinking tea and readig books on my ipad! I love that feeling. Buttttttttt ofcourse I love the makeup trends! (why the hell am I keep typing a ! after every sencente -_-. I dont know lol. Okey, back to subject cuz else if will keep rambling bout that. So yeah, Im doing a makeup look cuz I found this amazing picture on WHI that include all products of MAC COSMETICS. First: the makeup made me oh so excited. Second: I need to stop talkin and move further 🙂 Sooo hope you enjoy the tutorial. – XO Charesa

In most countries its getting colder and colder so remind that you NEED to moisturize your face very well. Apply your foundation on the palm of your hand to warm it up. For a airbrushed effect use a stippeling brush. Make circular movements with your brush. (indeed you need anymore coverage use concealer and all that stuff:D) Powder off your makeup, use the bronzer like the one on the photo above. A warm colored one. Apply it on your temples, cheeks and if you want your jawnline. Were not using blush today so feel free to add more bronzer.

Think bronze bronze bronze and bronze. Pull out all of your gold colors and start playing with it. If you follow these steps below everything its going to be allright 😀

– Apply a gold color on the lid like above ^. Stop when you hit the inner corner “section”.

– Then add a darker one only in the other half of your lid, maybe a bit in the crease (do not go to far).

– Pick your brown bronze eyeshadow and start applying that in the crease with a big fluffy brush. Blend not all the way in. Just like the photo.

– Add innercorner highlight.

– Mascara, eyeliner, falsies and done!

We are going to keep it simple. Just apply a shimmery gold bronze color. And done!