Oehh, you have your first date today but OH NOO, you think: what to do for my makeup? No worry girls, I’m here to help you out. No stress, just relax cuz this night has to be fun and not stressfull. We’re gonna start with the basic makeup tips:

Golden Tip #1: Avoid wearing intense colors (especially on lips!) and to much hair product on dates-most guys prefer the natural look.

#2 Before applying makeup, put on a primer to keep it in place. Bonus: it smoothes the texture of your skin.

#3 Then wear liquid founation that has light reflective particles i it for glowing candle -lit-looking skin 🙂

#4 Spend more time perfecting your skin with foudation than on applying other makeup-when your skin is even you won’t need much other makeup.

#5 Give your complexion a healthy rosiness by brushing blush onto the apples of your cheeks, then dusting your forehead, nose and chin with the reamaining color on the brush.

#6 Dont go overboard! Put bronzer on the areas the sun would normally hit: your cheeks nose, and forehead.

#7 To make a lipstck last, appy one coat of lipstick,blot then add another coat. Kiss a tissue to blot again, then lightly dust your mouth with translucent powder.

#8 Apply a natte lipstick formula for the longest wear, creamy texture for hydration, and sheer for subtle color and shine.
Bonus Lip Tip: Use toothbrush to gently scrub flaky bits of skin off your lips before you apply lipstick.

#9 For a wide-eyed flirty look, always apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes.
#10 False eyelashes are an easy way to look glam.

Now yo look absolutly stunning! Stay tuned for Fist Date Hair Tips and First Date Fashion Tips! I’m super excited to start these little series for you guys :D. Hope you enjoyed this and have a nice day full of happines yeah! – XO Charesa