Rihanna is one of my favourite singer of the moment. I went to her concerts 2 times and it was awesome! But back to subject. I found these amazing pictures (after the click) on WHI and I felt in love with her makeup! Its so natural and fits her age. These pictures were taking back in 2006 a 2007. ps. I don’t like her that much right know, I prefer the old ‘RiRi’ 🙂

STEP 1: Make your skin flawless. For a more natural look use a Tinted M. Use a stippling brush to give your face an airbrushed effect.

STEP 2: Powder it of with a finishing powder of a MSF.

STEP 3: Choose out a blush. Rihanna has on one picture a more peachy color on her cheeks. And on a other picture a bronzy color. It depends on what you like 😉
STEP 4: Highlight! Don’t forget cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

STEP 1:  Before applying a eyeshadow use a primer. Pick a fluffy blending/crease brush and a gold matte (or shimmer) shadow and blend it in the crease.

STEP 2: Line your lashline in a short wing. Take your lower lash line with it.

STEP 3: Curl your lashes.
STEP 4: Last but not least: Appy a lengthing mascara. And you’re done! – XO Charesa