#1 Dont pick a zit! Use salicylic acid treatment overnight instead.

#2 HANDS OFF! Fingers can spread bacteria to your face, and that will make your breakouts worse.

#3 To shrink lumpy cystic acne apply a dab of hydrocortisone cream twice daily.

#4 Prevent pimples by washig your makeup brushes with a gentle shampoo once a week ( or daily with a brush cleanser like the one from MAC) ro get rid of bacteria and oil buildup.

#5 Apply a zit treatment directly on pimple in the A.M and P.M – any ore and you’ll risk drying out your skin.

#6 Be gentle when washing anceprone skin. Aggressive scrubbing can inflame pimples even more.

A big thank to Seventeen Magazine. – XO Charesa