Hello and goodmorning to my beautiful readers and viewers. I just want to write a liltle piece about the subject: Confidence. I think for alot people in this world is confidence a very sensitve subject to talk about. Now you’re probably wondering why.. Its because in this world people hate themself. Teenagers want to be perfect. a perfect body, a pretty face, smaller nose, flat tummy, longer nails, longer hair, longer legs etc. If you, the one thats reading this, also thinks this please tell why you want to be perfect.. And my second question: What in Gods name is Perfect? Nobody is perfect. There is no one in this world that is perfect. No celeberity, just nobody. And girls, please stop comparing yourselves to others. There is no need to do that. You are unique, you are beautiful. Inside and out. No matter if your nose is to big or your eyes are to small. Those features make you YOU. Why care what people say about you? Those people who pick out your mimperfection are just stupid. Who cares what others say about you. If you are happy about yourself nothing can beat or destroy you. And last but not least: nobodys opinion counts.
So, my beautiful readers, I know, actually Manon and I know that you guys are amazinly beautiful. You are perfect in your own way. Let nobody can destroy you. Just think: my ego is to big, you cant hurt me ;). Thanks for listening to my story. Spread this word because alot of girls need it ❤ -XO CharesaI dont mind if i just helped one person with this, i care that i helped someone and that makes me happy 🙂