First of all. Never apply makeup until you have good base. 1. Use a high spf! I use for a normal a daycream with spf 50.  Leave your cream on for 15 minutes so it can soak into your skin. After that go to step two.  2. Use a good primer to help your foundation last longer. LM has a very good one 🙂
Second. Flawless face. 1. Wear cream or liquoid foundation, they are more moisturizing so your skin won’t look dried out and look more natural. Or use a longwearing foundation like MAC’s Pro LongWear. 2. Always powder off your makeup. It helps to make it look less shiny. The M.A.C Mineralize has also a powder but I put the gel creme on the photo. My bad, my bad 😦
The rest: 1. Creme blushes are hot this summer but also very handy. They will stay on your skin forever and its also good if you go to a poolparty 🙂 2. WATERPROOF! haha, yes this is very essential because your sweat will ruin your makeup. And who wants that? You even have waterproof eyeshadow but girls remember, less is more! – XO C