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I love summer and in summertime I’m using other products then in wintertime. A few products are so fine that I’m going to show them to you. I use them every day when it’s warm in Holland or when I’m on vacation! 😉

H&M Body Splash
This smells so yummy! I just love the way it looks and a body splash is very handy for summer.

TBS showergel & bodylotion
TBS is one of my favorite shops for beautyproducts. This passion fruit showergel & watermelon bodylotion are lovely. My skin absorbs the bodylotion very quickly. That’s nice when you have showered in the evening, than is your skin not sticky.

Garnier concealer
If it’s warm I don’t like to wear much make-up, but sometimes I need a concealer and than is this very pretty. And it don’t take much time 🙂

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Ombre blush Catrice
I really love this ♥ It’s just so pretty. I only use this when I’m going to eating out.

John Frieda serum
My favorite serum ♥♥♥ It have UV filter and that’s good for my hair. When I don’t use this in summer than my hair is going to die, but when I use this I haven’t problems 🙂 I can’t live out with this stuff!