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What’s cooler than making your own beauty products? Noting right! Especially for summer I really like to DIY. Here is my top 8 of amazing projects you can do your own :). Every DIY contains natural prodcucts. Enjoy!

1. Brown sugar + Milk = Body exfoliator. Brown sugar is a natural scrub that will not harm your skin. Milk sooths your skin and gives it a nice glow. Mix the 2 products together and scrub! ps. Add more sugar than milk, if not you will get a watery mixture and we don’t want that 😉

2. Yoghurt + Honey = Sensitive skin and redness remendy. Honey has a natural antibacterial effect so it’s cleans your skin. It is humectant and creates a smooth radiant skin that feels baby soft. Why is yoghurt good for your skin? Well, whether your skin is dry or greasy, yogurt help restore the pH balance of your skin. The exfoliating effect also gives you an ultra soft and deep cleansed skin.

3. Green Tee + Water = Toner. The green tee will refresh your skin, will remove toxins, as wel as leaving it silky smooth.

4. Lemon juice + Chamomille = Hair Lightener. Lemon juice and chamonile are famous of there lightening effects. My cousins actucally tried this and it worked very well! She has dark brown hair now it’s a couple of shades lighter! She left it on for about an hour, then she rinsed it of and applied a good moisturizer.

5. A tee spoon of salt + Water = Beach waves hair spray! My hair is curly but when I went to the beach and leave my hair dry from the sun it always become so pretty and it get beauty wave texture. I totally love it. You can create this effect at home, just with a dash of salt and some water + a spraybottle!

6. Rosewater + Coconut milk = Relaxing bath. Only taking a bath will help you relaxe but with these two products it’s even more relaxing! Add Rose Water to your bath water and use Rose Water as a moisturizer after your bath. Coconut water is as well famous from his hydrating effect to the skin.

7. Warm Olive Oil = Mask for Dry Hair. You suffer from dry hair? No problem, this easy mask will help you out. Warm up your olive oil for not too long and apply it on your hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes ( so it can soak deep into your hair). Rinse it out and tada there’s your smooth, silky hair :).

8. Last but not least: Vasaline + Sugar = Lips Scrub. Noting is better then soft, hydrated lips. Scrub your lips for just a minute or till your lips have no flackes on them and wipe it off. And you’re done!