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The nude face, it always stays a huge trend. No matter what season it is. You don’t have tons of makeup on but you still look fresh and healthy. This natural look is especially good for the summer. I’ve seen thousand of gurus and celebritys rockin’ the nude face. Read on for a ‘how to get a flawless face’.

Prep to glow. To give your foundation a smoother application use a primer with a pink, blue undertone to cancel out any red spots and blemishes. Makeup For Ever has a huge range of colored primers. Also a blue version.

Make your foundation invisible. This tip did I learnt from harpers bazaar. They said the following thing: use 2 brushes to apply your liquoid foundation. Apply it first with a regular flat foundation brush to smooth it out and for the second brush use a big fluffy one to buff it into the skin.

Blushing cheeks.

Sheer creamy blushes give you a rosy natural tint, but the trick to making the color last? Apply it after your foundation, using a dual-fiber brush so the product sits perfectly on your skin, and top with translucent powder to lock the pigment in place. – Harpers Bazaar

Dewy finish. After dusting your face with an translucant powder, sqeeze some moisturizer on the palm of your hands and pat it on your cheeks for a glowy, dewy healthy looking skin.

Eyes eyes eyes!

To open up your eyes without looking like you’re wearing makeup, trace a taupe liner along the inside of your lash lines. “This defines your eyes, but is almost undetectable,” says Stiles. To add depth, brush a light brown eye shadow over the lids, into the creases, and slightly below the lower lashes. Finish by dabbing a tiny bit of Vaseline in the inner corners of the eyes for a subtle, sophisticated glow. – Harpers Bazaar

Kissable lips. Use a pinky rosy lip color and dab it on your lips! You’re good to go and ready for summer! Enjoy the warm weather and don’t forget: less is more! XO-C