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We all want the perfect summer hair, just like when you went to the beach and the salt water made your hair amazingly curly and summery 🙂 Yea, we can do that at home ladies! So let’s start..

1. Shampoo your hair as usual. Just apply your conditioner to the ends of your hair. Just the normal steps you would also do.

2. Towel dry your hair just for 30 seconds, especially at the ends. 

3. Now apply a a beach spray  on your roots and the strands. Don’t be afraid to apply to overdo it. The more the better haha 😉 

4. Apply a bit of a anti-frizz serum for the fly aways.

5. “Next, scrunch up the ends to encourage a curl and blow-dry with a diffuser or let your hair air-dry.” – Harpers Bazaar

6. Just spray a bit of hairspray and you are good as done ! Hope you enjoyed it and until next time – XO C