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I shopped a little bit on Elf.com ! If you are not yet familiar with elf, it is a cheap but amazingly good makeup brand. Lots of gurus love it. And I love it to. I’ve ordered a couple of times at elf and this time I went for some summer beauty product that were on my wish list for a long time after seeing this tutorial of macbarbie (it is maybe my favorite video of her, she looks so pretty there!) ! Click here for the tutorial. But back to subject, here are my purchases from Elf.

This is THE product I wanted sooo bad. It’s their Studio Bronzer in Golden Bronzer. It’s a new one so I’m so glad I’ve got my hands on it. If you can see, there are four beautiful colors that you can swirl together for an amazing bronzy glowy look.

This blush was actually on sale for €0,60. Wow, of course I will buy it I thought haha. This blush is in Coy and it is a pretty rosy, natural looking color with some silver shimmers in it.

Oh my gosh, I’m so into bright lipstick this summer! I bought these lipsticks in a VERY bright pink color and a more orange toned lipstick. (The second one has actually also a rosy color to it if you look really good). But first of all, they are pigmented! Yey. And very smooth to apply. And they smell aamaaaaazinnnggg. You can tell I’m very happy with those lol.

Now on to my last product I bought.. A concealer. It’s the Elf All Over Coverstick in Honey. It’s a little bit too light for me but it’s great for a under eye concealer. I haven’t tested it good before I can say this is a must product but so far.. It is not bad.

Hope you all enjoyed this little haul and I recommend shopping at ELF, because they are  amaaazinnngg. Okay, Until Next Time Dolls ! – XO C

Disclaimer: Everything in this post was purchased by me and all opinions
are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

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