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When it’s summer, lots of people are going to the beach! And guess what… I love the beach. But we are going to swim, laying in the sand, tan.. So or makeup need to be very minimal. I found this picture and it’s such a perfect bare beach look ! Down below you will see another example for what I think is a perfeeeecct look that will  still enhances your natural beauty. Only with a little makeup.

I love this photo ’cause it shows some different types of skin tones. But now move on to the tutorial.

♡ Start of with a fresh, clean face. Prep it with some moisturizer and a primer.

♡ To get this look skip foundation but use a tinted moisturizer of bb cream instead! You will be amazed how much coverage these creams will give!

♡ Skip concealer because it may can be too heavy but if you really need to.. apply it then only under the eyes to make your eyes look more awake.

♡ For the eyes use a waterproof mascara. But first curl them. What I personally like is to put just a little bit of eyeliner on the upper lash line. It just gives your eyes a little more of a pop. And don’t forget your white liner on the bottom!

♡ Now on to my favorite part of makeup…. BLUSH & BRONZER. Goodness gracious I’m literally obsessed with those products. Apply a lot of bronzer on the parts the sun will naturally hit you. Think of your temples, cheeks/cheekbones (especially those) and jawline. And a rosy blush color on the apples.

♡ Leave your brows for what the are. You can fill them in if you really need to. But remember girls, less is more.

♡ Finish your lips with a tinted lip balm so hydrated and moisturize them.

You are officially done now, enjoy your summer and the beach! Again.. Don’t forget: less is more. Until Next Time – XO C

Disclaimer: The photos are all from weheartit.com . Non of these photos are mine.