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Do you suffer from dry, damaged and unhealthy hair? Well, I have the best foods to help repair your hair from heat damaged or dried out hair! You can use the best hair mask, a million dollar shampoo but it all comes from with in. (of course a good (million dollar) shampoo would help a little bit haha!) So try to eat those 12 foods frequently and your hair is going to look hairlicious yay!

Fatty fish is so important to keep your hair healthy and slow it from hair loss. Salmon and mackerel have a lot of omega 3 in them what is a wonder product for licious hair.

Eggs are not only yummy but they have lots of protein in them what is amazing for feeding your hair. Try to eat a protein breakfast with eggs. Superhealthy and yummy. Eggs also contain vitamin B12. Killed 2 birds with one stone lol!

✿ Think by dark green vegetables of spinach and broccoli. These 2 wonder foods contain lots of iron and calcium in them what is one of the best tips for your hair. Don’t like spinach? Try to blend fresh spinach (like 40%) and fresh fruit (banana, like 60%) and some yoghurt together like a smoothie. You will not taste the green vegetables at all only the nice taste of the yoghurt and banana. You will get your daily doses of calcium without even knowing it!

Wholegrain contains 3 very important vitamins. Zinc, iron and vitamin B. Netdoctor.co.uk says: Having enough zinc in your diet will make sure your hair is protected.

Hope y’all enjoyed this very short but I hope helpful post. Try not to use a lot of heat on your hair. Especially not in the summer girls! Until Next Time – XO C