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So, I know guys I find it hard to believe but school is coming. For a lot of our international readers it is already back to school time. But don’t worry kids, I have some advice and motivation tips for you 🙂
My golden rule. Seriously, you need to swear by this haha. Focus on school and not on making friends etc. I mean like, maybe you sit in a shitty class or you dislike people who are in your class, but who cares? You are on school for learning things and not being cool and chilling around. Just don’t pay attention to your haters because they aren’t wort it. That is my number one tip. Because I don’t really care who is in my class. Im here for school and not for making friends or stuff.
Stay positive. I know going to school is a hard time for some of you but remember. You will be thankful to your parents for sending you to school later. It is really important for the future. And keep your motivation level high! Because nobody is going to the school for you so you need to make the best of it.  And good grades is a happier school year 🙂
Set goals. Making goals for the new year is really important to keep you motivated and excited. As soon as you start thinking ‘f*ck school” just remember that you had a goal.  For an example: When I have good grades I am going to college.
Make a week plan. Lord, this is soooo helpful if you are busy and a stressy person. I made myself a little book that says: Week Schedule. Every friday I filled in my whole week for what I needed to do and what my homework was. And I planned it in for the days. For an example: Monday: 15;10 Meeting 16;00 Math homework 30 min. 16;30 Histort projects 17;00 English homework.
I made time goals. For math : 20 min. etc. Guys, it was so handy because at the end of the week I had all my work done and I actually worked on things for the next couple of weeks because I was so organized. 
Cut out a piece of your day just for your homework. Most of the time when I came home from school I relaxed for a half of an hour and then I started working on my school work till late at night. It may seems a lot of work but guys, it is worth it!
And the best tip ever: JUST ENJOY SCHOOL !