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Back To School: Be Yourself ♡

I saw this amazing video from one of my favorite beauty guru Glassslipperbeauty. Her video was all about being confident, love yourself and be yourself no matter what. This really inspired me to write a piece with my thoughts about this subject.
You may be a high school senior or a junior but we all know how hard high school can be sometimes. Not only the school work, homework but also to deal with people. Most of girls and guys want to be popular, they wanna join school club only to get noticed. But what is more important.. Being happy with your friends or being the most popular kid in the school but you can’t trust anyone? I know which one you will choose now.
The thing is a lot of people are trying to bring you down, to make you feel sad or something to make you feel like nothing. Or a lot worser: trying to change you. Don’t let this ever happen to yourself because it is not worth it to change YOUR human being for someone else. Be yourself. There are people who are gonna love you for being you. Its sounds weird but it is so worth it to stay yourself during al your high school periods. 
Finds something to love, something where you wanna work hard for. Alex aka Allie was in her middle school experience completely down and depressed . She also went to the hospital because she was over-exhausted. And know you wanna know why hu? She was working her butt of for being how her friends wanted her to be, to do what other people wanted for her. She was over-exhasuted > mentally and physically. She was in a really emotionally state.
But then she found something she loved, she stared modeling. She loved it and from that moment she crawled back up and started working on her self again. She says: Sometimes a cry because what Im going through, I go crying to my mother. Then she asks me one question: Who do you want to be?. And I answer: A role-molds.  Now Allie is working her butt of to become a success full model.
So remember, when you are in a dark period and you feel down and not good in your own skin. Find something you love to do and work extra hard for that. Your whole life will change because you are happy and you feel good. Just like Allie. She may sacrificed a lot of things her teenage friends do, but now she is happy and I promise, you will be happy too 🙂
Always stay yourself, no matter what. – XO C