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Ugh, I can’t explain in words how much I hate gymnastics aka pe class. I just hate it. Like, I can’t stand it.. Who’s with me !? But how much I dislike it, I still have to do it. 
Do you know that feeling when you have only about 15 minutes to get ready for your next class and you are all sweaty? Well girl, I will give you my tips..
♡ Blott your face with a blotting sheet.
♡ Mattify your face with any kind of face powder to control oils and to give you so extra coverage.
♡ A cream blush will give you a natural glow. You will look fresh and fruity haha!
♡ Apply a tinted lip conditioner or a lipbalm to soften your lips and to make them kissable haha 😉
♡ Use your favorite mascara to give your lashes a boost and to make them flirty, for ya know.. the cute boys hahaha 😉
♡ Take your hair out of your bun or.. and come through it. If you need it, use some dry shampoo. It will give you volume, a nice smell and of course ‘clean’ looking hair.
♡ Girl, deodorant is your best friends now haha. It is very important of course.
♡ & if you want use your nicest parfum to make you smell good allday.
Now, change yourself into clean clothes and you are ready for your new class!!! Special thanks to Bethany (MacBarbie07). Succes and don’t forget to enjoy school – XO C