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Geen titel #63
1. My biggest obsession right now are knee high socks ♥ I love knee high socks. They are sooooo soft and comfy. I combinate them with some highwaisted shorts and a knit. Really simple, but cute.
2. The second thing I love are collars/collar tips. They look good with a simple blouse, and they make your blouse look fashionable. You can find cool collar tips at asos & etsy ♥
3. Knits are too comfortable for wintertime. Every morning I want to wear knits, but I have to say to myself to wear my other clothes too. Knits are just so warm and soft. I want to live in knits in the winter ♥
4. I love faux fur coats because they look so cute. And because they are soft and warm 😉 I’m crazy, but I just love soft and warm clothing ♥
5. Beaaaniess ♥ In wintertime you have to hold your head warm, so you have to wear hats. I think beanies are looking cute.
6. Bikerboots are my all time favorites! I wear them every season and in wintertime the most. They look pretty with almost everything, but most of the times I pair them with some skinny jeans, knits and my parka ♥♥
7. I love some dark red lipstick on the lips, for the vampy look. And then just really simple eye make up with it. And of course we can’t forget lipbalms in the winter! You have to hydrate your lips and oh yeah your skin!
xx ♥♥♥