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Oh praise the Lord! It is FRIDAY! Sometimes I get so excited for friday because I love weekends 🙂 Although I have to work lol. But of course at night I love to go through my youtube subscriptions and watch new videos from my favorite gurus! (tea + popcorn + youtube = perfect friday night). Read on for my faves, yeah.. – XO Charesa

So, my number 1 if definitely MacBarbie07! She is so pretty, her videos are awesome and the quality of them is simply amazing. She edits her videos really cool what makes me wanna watch more tutorials haha! Bethany (her real name) is 15 or 16 and she already hits over the million subscribers! She works for awesomness tv and Seventeen Magazine! MacBarbie07’s Channel >>

#2 is JlovesMac1! She is so funny and her makeup is perfect. What I like even more about her is that videos are different from most beauty gurus. She adds cools thing in them what makes me wanna watch them because I know it is a good video haha. I guess everybody knows Jermaine but I still wanted to mention her. JLovesMac1’s Channel >>

#3 is DulceCandy87! Wow, she is so gorgeous and I love her fashion sense! She makes beauty videos and fashion ones. She also has a blog named: Dulcecandy.com and its worth it to take a look. Her videos are also from amazing quality so its definitely worth watching.  DulceCandy87’s Channel >> 

#4 I’m a new subscriber to her and I love her channel! She is really pretty and she look so much like the model Kenza! She has beauty, food, diy and fashion related videos. Take a look and enjoy! I love her tips about healthy foods and skin etc 🙂 AnnieJaffrey’s Channel >>