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Hi ♥
Today I want to talk about my favorite nail polishes at the moment. I’m into nail polishes lately. I just like to take care of my nails and put cuticle cream etc. on. My latest obsession is really dark nail polish, like black and navy blue. So this nail polishes favorite is all about dark colors/winter colors.

On the right you see a nail polish from Catrice. It’s black with all that sparkly glitters. I like it because this nail polish can look really chic, but casual too. It’s a little bit a mysterious nail polish. The middle one is from L’óreal. It’s a navy blue with a shimmer. This nail polish applies really smoothly and the brush is perfect to me. I think this is a good color for fall time. The drak green is from Kiko, on the nails it looks like black but when you look good you see that it’s really dark green.

Red, an allllll time favorite. Red is so classy and chic. Red let your nails pop out in an outfit. The left red nail polish at the picture is from Essence and the right one is from Rimmel. The Rimmel one has shimmers. I don’t really like that. I prefer a creamy red.. The Essence nail polish is creamy and applies very well!

The last color I like right now are purples. Lila and pinkish purple. I better can say just all kind of purples. Purple is just a cool color ♥♥♥♥♥♥ The left one is from Maybelline and the others are from H&M 🙂

So this are my favorite nail polishes.. I love nail polish and I think nail polish can make an outfit so much cooler. After writing this article I’m going to paint my nails 😉

Bye ♥♥