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A woman can do their hair in much different hairstyles, but the most women wear their hair loose. I think that’s not necessary, there are so much more ways to do your hair. So I let you see my most favorite/fashionable hairstyles.

The top knot/ messy bun
I love this hairstyle. No hair in your face, neck etc. You just don’t have to worry about your hair all day long. And this hairstyle is really easy and quickly to make, even though it’s really pretty.

This look is just so cool! This look is more something for in summertime, but I still love it. I think the wetlook looks really chic and with smokey eyes it’s just perfect. The only thing that you need for this hairtstyle is lot’s of hairgel 😉

  Messy ponytail
Ponytails are very simple, but they can look so feminine. And the messy ponytail is just a little bit more casual. I think Blake really rocks her ponytail, just her whole look looks so pretty. 

The famous updo, perfect for an evening going out. Lauren Conrad is famous with her hairstyles and her updos are always so nice. She’s wearing here a sideway knot, really chic. Updos always looks chic, it’s beautiful for Christmas time. 

XOXO ♥♥♥