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A month ago I was living my dream. What only 8 hours of flying can do with you. As soon as I walked out of the plane I realized that my destination was on the other side of the planet. My plane landed in New York City. I still know the moment when I said to my mom: It feels like home, this is where I wanna stay the rest of my life. My mom said: You’re living your dream now. That feeling was the best thing ever.

If you guys ever have been to NYC, you’ll know how it feels to be in such a big city as this one. I was full of excitement and I felt so happy. Extremely happy, to be honest with you haha. We took a yellow cab to our hotel and it was the best ride of my life. It was a warm, nice and sunny day and me and my Canon were inseparable. From my cab window I saw the city, the high buildings, the empire state, rockefeller and even the WTC. It was so beautiful.

And there was our hotel. Right on Times Square. When I first saw TS I was overwhelmed. So many lights and so many people. Again, this was the best feeling ever. As soon as we checked in, we decided to walk around NYC and do some shopping on Times Square. Because stupid me forget her suitcase. I know, I am stupid haha!

Seeing the state of liberty, walking on the Brooklyn Bridge , relaxing in Central Park and be able to stand on the Top Of The Rock was such a blessing.

I’ve done so many things in NYC that I cant name them all but one of the things that I will never forget in my whole entire life is standing on the top of the Empire State Building at night. I was waiting for this moment my whole freakin’ life and finally I could make that dream happen. It was the beautifulest thing I’ve had ever seen in my entire life. I know I am saying this all the time but I swear being in New York is just an amazing experience. I saw all the city lights, all the tiny little cars and people. Just like in the photos. And in a moment like this you have to capture everything. All those beautiful lights shining in the night, just like diamonds in the sky.

I have done so many amazing things in New York and I am sorry that I didn’t told them all but I will insert some photos that I made that week :). Dear New York, I am not done with you. I will come back, I promise. Attention: The photos are not in any particially order. Just random.


Shopping at Forever 21!!!! Omg, this was at times square so amazing.


On Brooklyn Bridge. Look at the view guys. How amazing is this. And look at the WTC!


Made this photo from the top of Empire State. How beautiful. Like diamonds in the sky.


On the verry on our way to Staten Island 🙂




In a yellow cab. Love them.


Yellow cab photo 2 haha. Look at the times square….. How amazing..


A chocolate chip cookie from Magnolia Bakery! Just $1, so yummy.


On Rockefella! Pretty cool huh!


I shopped at MAC! This was on TS 🙂


Haha, this was supposed to be the first photo but yeah.. This was right after we jumped out of the plane 🙂