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Manon and I wish all of you a happy happy christmas and an amazing new year. It is just ridiculous how much can happen in one year. No matter how many bad things or good things it is amazing that we made this year and that we can celebrate christmas. For me is Christmas one of the most beautifullest times of all time. It is magical, exciting and lovely at the same time. Having dinner with your family, watching movies, drinking tea and eating good stuff, almost trip on the stairs because you wanted to open your presents on Christmas morning. You know.. All these feelings. They are wonderful. For me, Christmas is not about the presents you get. It’s about being with your family and appreciating all the things you have in life. It is a moment were you have to count your blessings and not your problems. Those two nights, you don’t have to worry about anything. The only thing you have to do is feel the love. Thank you my beautiful readers for reading our blog and supporting us. I wish you the best, I wish you a amazing christmas and a wonderful new year. May God bless everyone – XOXO CHARESA