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Happy new yearrr ! ★ I have some things I want to do in 2013. Here beneath is a list of things I want to do/my goals.

Eating more pizza ♡
Pizza is my favorite food ever. I can eat pizza everyday! And I think I ate too little pizza in 2012, so I want to eat more pizza this year. J’adore pizza ❤

Workouts are good for your health, but that’s not the reason why I want to work out. When I work out a few times in the week, I feel me better and fit. It works to feel me good.


Do more what I love
I love to blog, DIY and just be creative. I want to put more time in things what I love to do, that makes me happy. I really hope that I’m going to DIY more in 2013. DIYing gives me a good feeling. When I work concentrate on a project/blogpost etc., I relax/feel free. Doing what I love makes me happy and proud.

Don’t care about what people say/think about me
I already don’t care about what people say/think, but it’s hard. I just really want to let it go and don’t worry about stupid things. Live free and do what I want! (And just wear what I want..).


Read more books
I love to read books and spend my evening reading, but I never do that ☹ Maybe I have to push myself, I relax while reading books. Books are gooooood !

Buy less beauty products/make up
Of course do I love make up, I’m a girl. But I already have enough shit and don’t need more right now. I want to buy less beauty products/make up, unless I really need it.. I like to hold things organized ☺