I’m always surfing on the internet on fashion/DIY blogs. And then you see amazing things/DIYs that you wanna make. I made this post to inspire you and maybe you see a DIY that you want to make ☺ 


I love to decorate my room with dreamcatchers. They look so cute and delicated. I was just thinking if I could make them myself. I searched on the internet and of course you can! This DIY is really helpful: http://www.thisfashionismine.com/2012/08/diy-dreamcatcher.html


Lace ring
I don’t remember how I found this. But oh I love it so much, it looks adorable. And it seems really easy to make. I haven’t made one yet :o. But I’m definetly going  to make one. You can find the DIY here: http://morning-by-foley.com/2012/07/31/diy-bague-de-dentelle-tutoriel/


Just collars in general. I like them to pair with a nice blouse. I haven’t searched a DIY on the internet, but it’s really easy to make one yourself. I like them with pearls.


Candle holder
The basic thing you need to make a candle holder is a jar. You can decorate the jar with SO many things. Spray paint, glitter, lace etc. I prefer to decorate mine with lace, like the one on the picture. This DIY is really unexpensive and that’s why I love this so much!


Spike necklace + bracelet
Spikes are amaaaazing! They are cool to use for DIYs. For the necklace you need some spikes and a chuncky necklace or a big chain + closure. And for the bracelet you need spikes and a fisherman’s rope bracelet (you also can make a fisherman’s bracelet yourself, but I don’t know if that’s easy). In fact you can use spikes to DIY everything: pimp a short, shirt, knit, boots and so on. Spikes make my life better ♥