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The gray and cold weather. Some like it and some hate it. For the ones who hate it, dont worry I understand where you are coming from. It is cold outside and the only thing you want to do is lay in your warm bed and drink tea. I am talking about a form of depression. Winter depression. There’s nothing wrong with that, for once it is ok but the whole winter? Woo, definitely not. If you’re feeling down try these tips to help you feel better. Believe me, they work!

1# Go out for dinner! Seriously, good food is one of the best medicine for lots of things! Invite your friends, ask your parents or your family and go out for dinner at a nice restaurant. I guarantee that it will be a amazing night. Talk with your family, laugh and live.

Pork Loin

2# Cook a nice dinner for yourself! Again a tip that includes food haha. Go to your local supermarket and buy healthy but yummy stuff and start cooking an amazing and delicious dinner for yourself or again invite others. Pour yourself a glass of wine (only if you’re 21+ of course!), blast your favorites songs and let the cooking adventure begin!

Healthy food

3# Go out for a movie! I am a typical movie type person. If I have nothing better to do I watch movies and eat lots of popcorn. But what is better than go out in the city and then later that night watch a movie at your movie theatre? Once a month my family and I go out for a movie and it is really fun. It makes me happy!


4# Being around people is sometimes the best way to feel happy again. Invite your besties and let everybody bring some good food and let the party begin! Well, it not really a ‘party’ but a nice tea party to be surrounded by your friends. Just blabber about everything πŸ™‚ Laugh, tell each others stories and have fun!


5# Baking cookies! Aaaah, I seriously love baking cookies and cakes! It is the perfect remedy for a bored sunday night. My favorite cookies are the chocolate chip ones hmmm.


6# Write a list about the positive things in life. There is nothing better than feeling blessed and standing positive in your life. Write down who you love, what makes you happy, exciting things that are coming up and things that you’re blessed for. Or start writing qoutes. This is the best tip I can give you πŸ™‚

How to have a better day

Working hard can be so stressful and stress can even cause depression. But believe me, working hard is one of the best things ever because you are doing something successful. Sometimes you have to stop it all for a minute and take a look at the big picture. Life is too short to worry about unnecessary things. Hard work + happy things lead to success. Give yourself rest and enjoy life. Special thanks to my mom!Β