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Vision board
I made this vision board a few months ago. All the things I want/I want to do are on this vision board. You also can call it my ‘dream board’. It’s full with my dreams. It’s hanging on my wall in my room and it looks colorful and I get happy when I look at it. I hope that my vision board works and that my dreams come true! ♥

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Nail polish jar
I put all my nail polishes in jars. I like how it looks, it looks pretty but it isn’t practical at all.. But I don’t often use nail polish. I kinda hate nail polish.. So I never have to open the jars and search for a nail polish ☺

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Fashion photo frame
(Sorry for the pictures, it’s reflecting, so the photo’s aren’t that good..) I bought this photo frame at Ikea, printed some photo’s I like from Tumblr and put the in the frame. I thought that I wouldn’t like it, but I think it turned out great. First there where duck cards from the Ikea in the frame. I really hated it so I’m happy i changed it.. The ducks where looking really ugly in my room.


The best thing in my room is of course: my bed. My bed is my everything ☺ I love to lie in my bed and watch movies or blog.. People can’t live without beds.. ♥

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Pen holder
I saw this holder in the sale. It originally is a candle holder, but I use it as a pen holder. I like the outside, it looks like it are all diamonds.. But it aren’t. It is big as a pen holder, but I like that because I can put a lot of pens and things in it.

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Jewelry display
I display my favorite jewelry on this plate. I bought this plate for one euro because I really liked it, but I didn’t know what to do with it. So I put my favorite jewelry on it. I think it looks cute. And I wear more jewelry right now!

Happy sunday!! ☺